Academic Calendar

Semester 2, 2016/17  

       Day/Time:  Thursday: 2:30 - 5:30 pm
       Venue:       Tutorial II, Department of Professional and Continuing Education
                        Faculty of Educational Studies
Class Schedule
Week Date Topic/Activity
1   Introduction to quantitative data analysis
Types of variables
Scales of measurement
Types of data
Sampling methods
Statistical techniques
2   Data management
Code book for instrument
Data entry
Composite scores
Categorize data
3   Reliability test
Instrument development
Source of measurement errors
Steps in reliability test
Interpret result of reliability test
4   Test of Validity
Types of validity
Content validity
Construct validity
5   Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
Purpose of EDA
principle of EDA
Test for assumption of normality and equality of variance
Data transformation
6   Univariate descriptive analysis
Types of descriptive analyses
Analysis and interpretation of descriptive statistics
Data summary in charts
7   Comparison Analysis
One-sample t-test
Paired-sample t-test
8   Comparison analysis
Independent-sample t-test
9   Mean difference for more than two groups
Oneway ANOVA
Post-hoc comparison
Effect size
10   Mean difference with interaction
Factorial ANOVA
Interpreting main and interaction effects
11   Correlation analysis
Pearson Product-Moment correlation
Interpreting result of Pearson analysis
12   Explanatory analysis - test for influence
Simple linear regression
Multiple linear regression
13   Analysis for categorical data
Chi-square Goodness-of-fit
Chi-square Test of homogeneity
Chi-square Test of independence
14   Introduction to mediation and moderation tests
Mediation test
Moderation test

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