Course Outline

Semester 2 2017/18

Course: Multivariate Statistics for Social Sciences
(Statistik Multivariat untuk Sains Sosial)
Code: DCE6953
Prerequisite: DCE5950
Objective To enable students understand and use the multivariate statistical techniques in data analysis.
Synopsis: The course focuses on multivariate statistics -- Multiple Linear Regression, Partial Correlation, Logistic Regression, Discriminant Analysis, Factorial Analysis of Variance, Multivariate Analysis of Variance, Repeated Measure ANOVA and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Students will also be introduced to data analysis techniques using SPSS and AMOS.
Contents:    Overview of Multivariate Analysis
   Factor Analysis
   Multiple Regression
   Partial Correlation
   Logistic Regression
   Discriminant Analysis
   Factorial Analysis of Variance
   Repeated Measure ANOVA
   Structural Equation Modeling
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