Learning Materials

Semester 2 2017/18  

This Web page provides additional learning materials to complement class discussions. The materials include:
    1) Slide presentation in PDF format,
    2) Statistics simulations,
    3) SPSS procedures
    4) Selected links to additional statistics sites
Class NOTES  
P1 Course Introduction P12 Discriminant Analysis SPSS 
P2 Review of Basic Statistics P13 Factorial Analysis of Variance
P3 Basic Multivariate Concepts P14 One-way Repeated Measure ANOVA
P4 Intro to Matrix Algebra  P15 Two-way Repeated Measure ANOVA
P5 Factor Analysis    
P6 Multiple Linear Regression     
P7 M L Regression - Methods   Introduction to SEM 
P8 M L Regression  Diagnostic and Generalization    Confirmatory factor Analysis (CFA) 
P9 Partial Correlations   Measurement Model 
P10 Logistic Regression Analysis     
P11 Discriminant Analysis     
Data for CLASS DUSCUSSION    Formulae Sheet 
Data 6953 Data CLASS    

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