Training Materials
  Basic/Intermediate Statistics   Multivariate Statistics Structural Equation Modeling 
  Presentation Documents
  P1:  Basic Statistical Concepts
  P2:  Introduction to SPSS
  P3:  Data Entry
  P4:  Reliability Analysis
  P5:  Data Transformation
  P6:  Normality Test
  P7:  Frequency and Basic Statistics
  P8:  Hypothesis Testing
  P9:  T-Test 
  P10: ANOVA 
  P11: Chi-Square 
  P12: Spearman Rho 
  P13: Pearson Correlation 
  P14: Simple Linear Regression 
  P15: EDA (Dr Jegak)  
  P16: Twoway ANOVA
  P17: Mann-Whitney
  P18: Kruskal Wallis

Data File/Syntax
  DS1:   Extended Data
  DS2:   Extended Syntax
  DS3:   Extended Data COMPLETE
  DS4:   Paired T-Test
  DS5:   Independent Sample T-Test
  DS6:   ANOVA 1
  DS7:   ANOVA 2
  DS8:   Spearman Rho 1
  DS9:   Spearman Rho 2
  DS10:  Pearson Correlation
  DS11:  Simple Linear Regression
  DS12:  Application Data

  W1: Worksheet 1
  W2: Worksheet 2
  W3: Sample Questionnaire and Dummy Tables


Presentation Documents
  T1:  Basic Concepts
  T2:  Overview of Statistical Techniques
  T3:  M L Regression INTRO
  T4:  M L Regression METHOD
  T5:  M L Regression ACCURACY 
  T6:  Logistic Regression
  T7:  Factorial ANOVA
  T8:  Oneway Repeated Measure ANOVA
  T9:  Twoway Repeated Measure ANOVA
  T10: Factor Analysis

Data Files
  D1:  Regression BODY
  D2:  Regression JOB SATISFACTION
  D3:  Regression HATCO
  D4:  Regression RECORD
  D5:  Factorial ANOVA STRESS
  D6:  Factorial ANOVA QWL
  D7:  Oneway Repeated Measures ANOVA Relaxation
  D8:  Twoway Repeated Measures ANOVA Thinking Skill
  D9:  Logistic Regression SKI
  D10: Logistic Regression PERFORM
  D11: Binary Discriminant Analysis
  D12: Factor Analysis 1
  D13: Factor Analysis 2
  D14: Factor Analysis 3
  D15: Inter Rater Reliability - Categorical
  D16: Inter Rater Reliability - Continuous
  D17: Test Retest Reliability
  D18: Parallel Form Reliability
  D19: Cronbach Alpha Split Half Reliability
  D20: Discriminant Analysis


  L1: Factorial ANOVA
  L2: Oneway Repeated Measure ANOVA
  L3: Two-way Repeated Measure ANOVA
  L4: Multiple Linear Regression
  L5: Intro to Discriminant Analysis
  L6: Application of Discriminant Analysis in SPSS
  L7: Binary Logistic Regression
  L8: Factor Analysis
  L9: Introduction to SEM

Presentation Documents
  S1:  Structural Equation Modeling
  S4:  Title for Fit Indices

Data Files
  D25: SEM Data for WORKSHOP
  Path Analysis Template
  Structural Model Template


  Data AZMA
  Data GEE
  Data set 1
  Data set 2

  Intrduction to Research Process
  Exploring SPSS for Data Analysis
  Advanced Data Preparation
  Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  Administration of IHI

Other Materials:
  Templat Penarafan Tahap Keharmonian Perusahaan
  Measurement Model
  Code Book
  Dummy Tables


Bahan Latihan ILIM
  Data Penilaian Kursus Asas B&K 
  Syntax Penilaian Kursus Asas B&K 
  Jadual Penlaian Kursus Asas B&K 

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